Is Biblical Counseling Training for You?

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Is Biblical Counseling Training for You?

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Recently one of the questions that we have been asked frequently is, “Who is the Biblical Counseling Training for; who should consider attending?”. This is an especially relevant question since registration for our January conference is currently under way.

Of course, we immediately think of people who are actively involved in intentional counseling. This group of people often get the title “professionals” and usually have an education in psychology, or psychiatry, or a similar field. The Biblical Counseling Training helps them to evaluate the modern, psychological approaches to personal change through the lens of Scripture and the gospel.

But Biblical Counseling Training isn’t only for the “professionals”. It is also beneficial for pastors, small group leaders, leaders of Ch

ristian organizations, youth leaders, and others. Many of these people are also engaged in intentional counseling, but they also are regularly giving counsel in more informal relationships as well. Many of us don’t even realize how much we “counsel” in our everyday relationships. What we say, or what we left un-said can have a major impact on the other party in the relationship. What do we say to the couple in our small group whose marriage is barely holding together? How do we address a friend who has immersed themselves in pornography? What about the ninety-five-year-old at the retirement home where we work, who refuses to face the reality about their life? What about the co-worker who is in constant conflict with other colleagues? What about the woman who was abused as a teen and now has lasting consequences from that trauma? How do we walk beside these people? How can we speak truth in love? Does the Bible inform how we help a person address their past, or how they view change in the present or future? Do we realize that the counsel we give is always influenced in some way? Is it tested and tried by the Word of God, or is it simply repeating what we heard last in the culture? Can it be that the Bible really speaks in practical ways to all of life?

At the heart of Biblical Counseling is understanding how the truth of Scripture speaks into your own life. What does it say about how I manage conflict, or how I approach change in my own life? What parts of repentance and forgiveness and grace am I not understanding correctly or miss-applying in my own life?

So whether you are a pastor, or a clinical psychologist, a small group leader or the leader of a Christian organization, working with the elderly or working with youth, counseling addicts or counseling marriages, we encourage you to consider joining us for the Biblical Counseling Training Program – Cluj in January 2018.

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